Students transferring to any grade from an in-state school should have reached the age of five on or before September 1st of the Kindergarten year or be of the appropriate age for their current grade placement per Diocesan 5104. Students transferring to any grade from out-of-state can be accepted if they have followed the age requirements of the state from which they have transferred provided the parents were legal residents of the state from which the child is transferring, the out-of-state school was duly accredited by the transferring state’s accrediting authority, the student was legally enrolled in the transferring school for at least four weeks, and satisfactory progress was being made by the student at the transferring school according to the school’s principal. Students transferring from non-accredited schools or home school, must be tested by St. Richard, and placed in the grade in accordance with a national grade placement test. This is a Diocesan and Mississippi Department of Education policy.