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Advent Pew Auction begins Monday December 17th              Class Christmas Parties are December 20th from 2 - 2:30 pm.         The Advent Program is December 21st at 10 am with school dismissal immediately following program
Kay Sibley » About Kay

About Kay

Would you like to know who is teaching your child? Is the person qualified to do the job? This information may put your mind at ease. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a double major. The degrees I earned while I was there were in the field of Arts and Science and the in the field of Education. Later I decided to attend Graduate School so I enrolled at Mississippi College. I was accepted into their program and earned a double major once I finished. I now have a Masters in Elementary Education and one in School Counseling. As you can see with all those classes I enjoy reading and helping others succeed especially children. 

 My favorite place to be and work is at St. Richard Catholic School. It is an outstanding school with excellent co-workers, parents and friends. I have had so many wonderful friends, parents and students help me more than I could ever help them. They are so kind and generous to me and others, going above and beyond to show they care and want to sincerely help. The school is much like a wonderful family that loves and cares about you and others. It would be hard to find another school as precious as ours.  I know this because I taught at St. R for five years, left, but I missed it so much I had to come back to it. Now, I wake up each day and say, "Thank you God and Go Cardinals!!!!"

My favorite thing about being a part of St R is seeing my sweet granddaughter each day, and see that she is always smiling. That confirms what I believe about StR- it is the best School!