AFTER SCHOOL CARE is a service provided by Saint Richard Catholic School to our families. Enrollment is limited to space availability. ASC is available on Mondays – Fridays from 3 – 6 PM and on Wednesdays from 2- 6 PM. ASC follows the school calendar in days of operation. Payment is made through your FACTS account or prepaid through the school office. All regulations of the school apply to ASC. Families participating in ASC shall adhere to the list of guidelines and procedures provided.


Parents of students attending AFTER SCHOOL CARE will follow the steps below for pick up:


  1. Upon arrival at St. Richard, TEXT your child’s name to the ASC phone number provided to you.

  2. Pull to the awning (or pull behind the last car) and remain in your car while your child is escorted down the steps. All Pre-K3 through K5 students will be escorted to their car unless they can walk with an older sibling. First Grade and up will walk to their car supervised, but alone. NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED TO CROSS THE PARKING LOT.

  3. An ASC staff member will sign out each child as they leave the cafeteria.

  4. ASC will not be dismissed until Front Gate Carpool is completed. Please allow sufficient time for pick up. This is a new process, but to ensure your child’s safety, it may take a few extra minutes.

  5. No parents will be allowed in the school for pick up, and once a student leaves the building they will not be allowed to return to retrieve lost or forgotten items. The ASC staff will remind the student to gather all items before leaving the classroom.