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Thank you for your interest in Saint Richard Catholic School. Please continue reading this page for information on the Admissions process and policies of our school. I would love to talk with you more about our wonderful school and schedule a personal tour to show you all the great things going on in our Cardinal Nest.  In the meantime, I invite you to view our online virtual tour and peruse our website to see what life at Saint Richard is like.  When you are ready to take the next step, please contact me at 601-366-1157. I look forward to talking with you soon. 
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 Tammy Conrad 


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The parish/school respects the dignity of the child. Neither race, color, gender not national origin shall prevent a child from being accepted in the school or religious educational programs. Children of other religions may be accepted on a seat available basis unless attendance would cause conflict for the child because of the unique religious philosophy of Catholic schools. All children are required to participate in religion class and religious activities. Under State Law, it is mandatory that all kindergarten students, first grade students, and transfer students from outside the state of Mississippi furnish CERTIFICATE OF IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE from a physician or from the County Health Department (FORM 121). Students from non-accredited schools or Home Schools must first take a grade placement test before being assigned to a specific grade.

All students in grades K5-6th are required to be screened/tested for admission.

Applications are submitted via the website.  A personal tour along with an interview/screening will follow. A non-refundable registration fee is requiredAll students are on probation during the first semester of their attendance.


Enrollment priority follows this order: all children currently enrolled, children of Catholic families with siblings enrolled, children of St. Richard parish members, children from other Catholic parishes, children of other faith traditions (those not members of the Roman Catholic Church) with siblings currently enrolled and then children of other faith traditions. In the event a class is filled, a waiting list is established with Catholic students having priority. New students in grades 4-6 must take a writing assessment prior to final admission. This assessment will be administered during the summer.


Accident Insurance – One of the following is a requisite for admission:

  • Student Accident Insurance (Forms available in the school front office.)
  • A statement signed by the parent certifying insurance covering personal injury of the student is maintained by the family.



Students transferring to any grade from an in-state school should have reached the age of five on or before September 1st of the Kindergarten year or be of the appropriate age for their current grade placement per Diocesan 5104. Students transferring to any grade from out-of-state can be accepted if they have followed the age requirements of the state from which they have transferred provided the parents were legal residents of the state from which the child is transferring, the out-of-state school was duly accredited by the transferring state’s accrediting authority, the student was legally enrolled in the transferring school for at least four weeks, and satisfactory progress was being made by the student at the transferring school according to the school’s principal. Students transferring from non-accredited schools or home school, must be tested by St. Richard, and placed in the grade in accordance with a national grade placement test. This is a Diocesan and Mississippi Department of Education policy.



The Exceptional Education Committee, consisting of the principal and Exceptional Education teachers/specialists, meet to review applications for Special Education Students to determine if Saint Richard Catholic School can meet the potential student's individual needs.  If the school can provide the necessary services, then a child may be admitted on a space-available basis. All children in this program must have an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) from which to work and will be mainstreamed into regular education classes when possible.