"St Richard Catholic School is unique in the best ways!  It offers a safe, nurturing learning environment with committed, seasoned educators and faculty. Expectations are clear.  The administration is transparent regarding school policy and future endeavors. And, the faculty has a deep interest in educating the whole person. Students are happy to be there and are getting an education that emphasizes what counts and what lasts. St Richard fosters a desire for greatness and students have the confidence and resources to strive for greatness. The close-knit school community is endearing, and we have enjoyed getting to know parents from a variety of different backgrounds."  -Jason and Madeleine Brown


"We have been a St. Richard Family since 2012. The teachers at St. Richard take special care and attention with each child. It is more than just low teacher-to-student ratios. We have had excellent experiences with teachers modifying and supporting our children's strengths and weaknesses to achieve academic and personal development. Additionally, St. Richard is unique in that the school administration gives the teachers the opportunity to modify their teaching plans and assignments to maximize teacher strengths to optimize student benefit. They are responsive and continuously strive to improve the learning environment."  -Jason and Sarah Jones


"We are Robert and Gina Metzger and are the proud parents of 3 current St. Richard Cardinals. We have been a St. Richard family since 2016. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here at St. Richard and are immensely thankful for the faculty and staff that have contributed to the growth of our children over the years and here today. St. Richard has always been a loving and caring community for our kids, and we have greatly valued that as parents. When we first visited St. Richard, we were very drawn to that close-knit community and diversity that our children would be exposed to, on a daily basis. We are very proud of this school and all that it has offered to us as a family. Another key area for us, has been their faith formation that they experience through school. As parents, we can take our kids to church each weekend, but those 5 days that they spend at St. Richard during the week have been crucial to helping shape their Catholic identity at such a young stage of their lives. This is so important to us as a family and helps shape the people we want our children to grow up to be. We are thankful that our school does such an incredible job in that area."  -Robert and Gina Metzger 


"I have been so pleased with our experience as new members of Saint Richard School. As an only parent of an only child, I wanted a nurturing, family environment that provided a strong spiritual as well as a strong educational background. Saint Richard School has delivered that and so much more. My son’s self esteem has sky rocketed and the faculty, staff and other parents and children that we meet daily have been wonderful. I am proud that the school forms kind hearted and aware children and focuses on service and values – what better feeling as a parent than to observe your child’s daily unsolicited acts of kindness towards others."  -Rosanna Bahadur