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Capital Campaign: A Future Filled with Hope

In 2023, the Meadowbrook Church of Christ's entire campus was offered for sale. 
The parish and school of Saint Richard discerned that the area would be ideal for the placement of our Catholic school. 
In 2023, a $2.5 M loan was granted by the Diocese in order to purchase the site and create a vibrant campus for learning and faith formation. Improvements and repairs of the buildings are currently underway.
It is our HOPE that we can pay off the loan and begin to establish this new chapter in the storied history of the Saint Richard school and parish. 
"I have plans to give you a future filled with hope." Jeremiah 29:11
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The Eve Walsh Education Building 
Gifts of $200,000 or above will be eligible to have your name on the Eve Walsh Education Building as a supporter and friend of Eve. 
The Father Brian Kaskie Memorial Chapel
Gifts of $200,000 or above will be eligible to have your name in the Chapel as a testimony of your memory of this memorable Diocesan priest. 
Additional Naming Opportunities
The Playground
$750,000 and above
Green Space, Curated Plants and Furniture
The Refectory
$750,000 and above
Dining hall, Gym, and Classrooms 
Name on Memorial Plaque in the Father Brian Kaskie Memorial Chapel and the Eve Walsh Education Building
$200,000 and above
As part of the “A Future Filled With Hope” $3.9M Capital Campaign, we will carry with us the tradition of the “Cardinal Wall” we began in our 70th year, during our Birds in Flight Initiative.
Red Cardinal
Gifts of $1,000 or more will be honored with a red, handmade, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind ceramic cardinal with your name or message which will be hung in the Eve Walsh Academic building on the “Cardinal Wall”. The cardinal will serve as an important reminder to current, future, and potential St. Richard Cardinals that their community is committed to their success and is praying for them.
Golden Cardinal
Gifts of $10,000 or above will be commemorated with a personalized Golden Cardinal made by one of our students. You may either contribute a one-time gift to the campaign of $10,000.00 or more or expect your cardinal to be installed when your pledge is completed within 5 years.
Please contact Celeste Saucier at [email protected] for interest in naming opportunities or support during our campaign. 
Saint Richard Catholic School 
100 Holly Drive
Jackson, MS 39206
Your prayerful pledge or gift is your testimony to the value of Catholic education in the city and to the FUTURE of Saint Richard School and parish. 
We hope that you will join us in our Capital Campaign: A Future Filled with Hope
For more information, please contact Celeste Saucier at [email protected].
Your pledge is a 5 year commitment. A payment calculator is available below for your convenience.