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 Creating Arts with Spirituality and Academics

We are excited to offer some new options for CASA this 2022-2023 School Year. If you have a child who will be attending ASC (after school care) this year, consider enrolling him or her in one of these fun and enriching classes.

2022-2023 CASA classes will be posted here once schedule is finalized. 

We are pleased to offer optional, after-school classes to our students. Our CASA program offers
students classes in disciplines such as violin, guitar, tennis, and drama. Classes are offered after
the end of the regular school day and are optional. CASA classes are convenient to parents in
that they are held on campus and do not require parents to miss time from work or to drive all
over town to their child’s lessons.
2022-2023 CASA Classes
Tennis I, II & III – Formerly known as Quick Start Tennis, this program teaches beginner players
the basic skills and aspects of the sport. Classes are open to students in K4 – 3rd grades.

Guitar – Partnering with Fondren Guitars, this class offers guitar instruction with provided
instruments. This class is open to 2nd – 6th graders and has limited availability.

Garden Club – Students with or without a green thumb can take a deeper diver into gardening
with hands-on classes on harvesting, composting, and other gardening skills. This class is open
to 5th & 6th Graders.

Drama – There is a stage available for all St. Richard students in CASA Drama! These classes
offer instruction in acting; auditioning; theatrical concepts and etiquette; and are open to
students in grades PreK3 – 6th . All CASA Drama students are guaranteed a role in the Spring

100 Mile Club – Walkers or runners in grades 3-6 with a healthy spirit and willingness to
challenge themselves will love 100 Mile Club! This class meets on Tuesdays with optional
Sunday runs along the Natchez Trace.

Manners Matter – Designed to encourage and emphasize good manners in today’s busy
society, the Manners Matter class teaches students in grades PreK4-6 respect, responsibility,
posture, hygiene, and more! This is a one semester only class which ends with a “graduation”
trip to Amerigo Restaurant!

Embroidery – 3rd - 6th Grade students will learn beginner embroidery basics such as securing
fabric in a hoop, threading needles and basic stitches (back, running, stem, lazy daisy, chain and
split stitches). Students will design and embroider Christmas ornaments, handkerchiefs or
kitchen towels, and larger hoops throughout the year.

Violin – This beginner violin class for K5-1st graders will use social, emotional learning to study
pre-Suzuki violin. Its instructor uses fun tools and learning standards to make music fun and
digestible to students.
Contact the office for registration & availability information.