We're so proud of all that our school has to offer, and one of our favorite things is giving tours to prospective students. We realize that some future students and their families may have COVID-19 concerns, so we've created this virtual tour page to give you a better look at the Saint Richard Catholic School Facilities. Please enjoy the photos, 360 degree views, and descriptions below. And if you'd like more information about what our school can offer your child, contact us here!

Our Mission
Saint Richard Catholic School is dedicated to providing academic excellence for all students as well as instilling a reverence for God, a respect for all life, and a commitment to serve others in a safe, Catholic environment.
Our Vision
Teaching children to learn, love, and help like Christ in a diverse and nurturing school community.

Pre-K classroom

Saint Richard Catholic School  is committed to helping your child develop the skills and tools needed to succeed in elementary school and beyond.

The Saint Richard Pre-Kindergarten programs offer a safe, nurturing, engaging environment to provide each child with a positive introduction to their educational experience.

Small class sizes, stimulating classroom design, and our dedicated educators provide opportunities for learning and growth through age appropriate, hands-on activities.


During the Pre-Kindergarten years, our classes strive to:

  • Introduce pre-Reading skills such as letter and sound identification
  • Learn pre-Math skills such as numbers, shapes, and time
  • Develop skills such as drawing, cutting, and writing
  • Encourage classroom skills such as listening, following directions, and taking turns
  • Promote respectful interactions with others
  • Participate in daily prayer
  • Learn Christian values through stories, songs, and activities
Two elementary students

All of our K – 3rd Grade rooms are single grade, self-contained classrooms.

At St. Richard Catholic School, each classroom teacher is responsible for teaching the major academic subjects,  including: Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Religion.

Students are also able to expand their knowledge, recognize their strengths, and develop interests through special area classes in art, music, physical education, STREAM, technology, and Spanish, and in after school CASA enrichment classes.

Our Catholic faith is emphasized, modeled, and taught as part of the regular curriculum, through weekly Mass attendance, and through special area classes in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.








middle school


Our 4th through 6th grade curriculum builds on the strong foundation of our earlier grades with a strong, thorough course of study designed to prepare students to succeed in junior high, high school, and beyond. 

Using iPads and Apple Education software, teachers work with students to integrate technology into all the academic subjects. In addition to the subject areas listed above, students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to enjoy a number of Specialist classes that include: Physical Education, Music, Library, Spanish, STREAM, and Art.



Beyond academics our upper elementary students are challenged to be respectful citizens who are leaders in their school and community. 6th grade students have the additional opportunity to be "servant leaders" for their younger classmates through the Saint Richard House system, where they model our mission statement and encourage learning for our younger students.